There is no orphanage in Mayurbhanj district, Odisha Mayurbhanj is one of the most enterer area in odissa. SC, ST and other backward caste people reside in majority here. As a tribal region there is not one good facility for people that has access to safe drinking water, hygienic facilities, or primary education to create a better quality of living. They are living miserably in poverty and false religions. Most of them are uneducated, and live without knowlegde of God and the gospel. They mostly follow wrong customs and superstition that has no value. Some of them associated themselves to our godly ministry. Around 60 people are already associated to the ministry. And many are enthusiastic to come to the ministry. We gathered believers and their neighbors Children that have been without education because of monetary problems or death of their parents. So, within these years many children of our believers have been orphans in the society. The orphan's life is very hard. They need help of Christian ministry to make their life sublime. Hence,I recollected that more than 100 children of our believers and their neighbours are orphans. I realized that I need to establish an orphanage in this locality.

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Rev.Binyamin Mangual, AT/po-B.C.Pur (Udala)
Odisha, India